Body weight Fight Gone Bad

Congratulations to all of the athletes who completed the 330 Challenge this past Saturday! As always, the energy was high and positive and everyone performed great.
And especially congrats to our 5 winners!
Light- Brad Furry and Katie Knox
Medium- Jose Carter and Mariela Rodriguez
Heavy- Tiffany Fuerte

And a special thanks to Leif Brown for coming and taking all the awesome pictures!


Monday- August 19
Body Weight “Fight Gone Bad”
A. Strict Pullups
B. Double unders
C. Squat
D. Hand-release pushups
E. Sit to stand
Workout consists of 3, 5 minute rounds. In each round, the athlete performs
each movement for 1 minute, accumulating as many reps as possible, before
moving to the next station. After completing all 5 stations, there is a 1 minute
rest before starting the next round.

You may begin at any station in the workout, but take note! You will want to
start at the same station when you repeat the test. It matters!

Mobility WOD