A WALK IN THE PARK??? Well, not exactly…

Someone is ready for the Park!!!! A WLC Dorsey?

Someone is ready for the Park!!!! A WLC Dorsey?

Tomorrow is Saturday and we will be doing a Park Workout! YAY!

We will meet at the gym and do a little organizing and then carpool down to Torreon Park on Alameda past Camino Alire.


Partner WOD:

Partner A carries a Kettle bell in a one handed farmer carry

Partner B does KB swings, then switch

Partner A does a one armed rack carry

Partner B does Push ups, then switch

Partner A does a One armed Overhead carry

Partner B does Goblet Squats

Score is determined by the total number of reps combined. Keep reading!!

Bonus Points and a Free Wrist Band for anyone that runs back to the gym!!!!!!

Hey Tribe!!! This is Conrad-

Numbers! Numbers! Numbers! I love numbers! And data…and stat tracking…and tangelos, but that’s beside the point. Just wanted to give you all an update on your training. Since March of this year I’ve been tracking everyone’s PR numbers and so far our members have set 772 PR’s! BOOM! With 48 of those being this month, that’s 145 PR’s a month and 4.95 PR’s per member!

Who’s got the most PR’s? Boy, am I glad you asked!

First place: Mariela Rodriguez with 20(!) PR’s since March!

Second place: Mr. Chris Nieto with a gentleman’s 17!

Third place: Ingrid Soens with a whopping 16!

Awesome work, everybody! The more you lift the more numbers I get to crunch. Win/win! Not in the top three? Fear not. The competition for most PR’s is FIERCE, there’s seven people with a solid 13 (who may or may not be: Leslie Aragon, Danna Cooper, Tiffany Fuerte, Amy Gray, Bin Li, Lidia Montijo, and Azael Ruiz).

You all are amazing, keep it up!


Mobility WOD