The Importance of Team Work in Jiu Jitsu

No one is an island. I don’t believe the myth of a “self-made” (wo)man for a second. In life there is too much to do in too little time and too much working against you with too little margin for error. Somewhere at least one person did something for your benefit. At some point, someone did something for your benefit that you may not have even noticed (*they* might not even notice either). But not noticing is not an excuse to be unappreciative. Your life is the summation of all your hard work…supplemented by the generosity of everyone else. That’s a simplified look at and perhaps a more accurate equation looks like:

(your hard work) + (other peoples’ kindness) – (factors working against you) = where you get in life

This isn’t to say some people don’t work against you, weaknesses can’t be turned into strengths, etc. but more of an illustration to make the point that on average more than once a day someone is doing something nice for you.

In terms of training, you have not gotten to where you’re at by yourself. You have had acquaintances, coaches, friends, teammates, etc. to help you. Feedback, criticisms or compliments, has allowed to you redouble or redirect your efforts to encourage your success. Without them, where would you be?

Who you train with is almost as important as training itself. Self-interested, jealous, or mean individuals can hinder you and your progress. Working hard is hard, it takes a lot out of a person, and training with the wrong people can waste that effort. You go into the gym, kill yourself working out, and at the end of it you’ve built the wrong habits, hurt yourself, etc. It is important to be mindful of the people you train with.

Here, at Undisputed Fitness, we have a world class community. I have never experienced the overwhelming positive, supportive attitude that this place creates like a factory. Everyone on or off the mats is dedicated to you getting better. When everyone does better, everyone does better.

In Jiu Jitsu, your training partners are essential to your success. If you can’t trust your teammates to always be considering your safety, in the heat of a hard roll, fear will invade, corrupt, and prevent your progress. The different body types, strengths, skills, and experiences of your teammates will propel towards your goals.

Your teammates tapping you, passing your guard as if you weren’t even trying, and anything else that you feel invalidates you, or your skill, is actually them helping you identify weak spots, test new ideas, and grow in a safe environment. A person doesn’t grow from one good roll or few good rolls but by relentlessly learning even a minutia from random roll #12,673. And who is it that you’re sparring against for that roll? Your teammate, who was there for roll #3,982 and especially roll #8,556.

A trusted partner is someone who devotes their time and concentration to not only allowing you to roll and get better but also keeping you safe all the while and providing valuable feedback. There exists people and places where that kind of support, fellowship, and trust isn’t the standard. Our team here at 10th Planet Santa Fe is solid and those that train here I feel exude those values in spades. It is my unbounded pleasure to train and grow here with you athletes.

Isaac Newton said “If I have seen further than others it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Eloquently, anything he has done (even if it is great and amazing thought it may be) was done, in at least some part, with the help of others. Even if it were possible to be a “self-made” (wo)man, doing and learning everything yourself, would you want to be?

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