Time vs.Task

Today’s workout scheme is one of my favorites. It is the time vs. task scheme and I find it terribly interesting to analyze different athletes’ approaches and strategies to this type of workout. Time vs. task means that I weigh the amount of rounds I can get in a certain time structure against the amount of time it takes me to recreate that a
Same amount of work. It is a glimpse into what is possible when we already know what something feels like. Does it then become easier or harder to recreate?
For me, I believe that once something is known it is doable and hence, easier. It is similar to how a trip in a car to a destination always seems longer o. The way there than on the way back. I believe it is because on the way there it Is unknown, only anticipated.
On the way home (or back) it is known and manageable in some different way. Anyway…what do you think? Please tell us in the comments! Or past your times. Anything? Anyone?

A) overhead Squats for heavy 5 in a row

B) time vs task

Time:5 minutes
with dumbbells (35/20)

5 burpees with dbs in hand
7 thrusters
10 jumping lunges

Rest 3

Task for time

Comments? Thoughts? Messages? Likes?


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