Shout outs! and Partner/ Bring a friend Saturday!!!

We want to acknowledge all of you for all your hard work and dedication!!! It really shows!!! Here are a few really impressive results that happened in the last week or two:

Melanie Milburn did her baseline 9 months ago @ 13.45 and this Tuesday completed it in 7:46- that is a whopping 6 minute improvement!!!

Steve Lovato did Connor RX’d that is — and completed 17 + 5   rounds


The Back Squat One rep Max day was particularly accomplished. Almost everyone PR’ the interest of time…I will only mention improvements from 40lbs up!!!!

Matt Hartford‘s Back squat went from 295 lbs to an unbelievable  335 Lbs.

Tiffany Fuerte Back Squat went from 175lbs lbs to an impressive 235lbs. 60 lb improvement!!!

Monica Trujillo went up 40 lbs to bring her Back Squat up from 84 lbs to an admirable 125 lbs.

Susan Hayre went from 65lbs to 115lbs! That is a 50 lb improvement!!




Tomorrow is the last day of Guest Days until the next time…so grab some one you know or some one wearing lululemon and bring them down for an awesome and fun Partner workout!!! It has been so much fun meeting your people and we so appreciate you bringing them in!!!


18 minute AMCAP – As Many Cards As Possible:


Partners team up to collect as many cards as they can in 18 minutes. Each suit on the cards represents a certain movement and the value of the card represents the amount of reps your team has to do.


Here’s the suit and movement pairing:
Hearts = Mountain Climbers
Clubs = Kettlebell swing
Diamonds = Push ups
Spades = Goblet squats (Ya dig?!?!)


When it comes to reps, multiply the value of the card by 3. So an 8 of hearts is equal to performing 24 Burpees as a team. Face cards are 30 reps (10×3). Aces are 33 reps (11×3).
One last rule: you can split up reps as needed, but only one person works at a time.



Buddies ROCK!!!!!

Buddies ROCK!!!!!


Mandy Hanson and her friend Sarah carry each other around the Solana Center

Mandy Hanson and her friend Sarah carry each other around the Solana Center





Mobility WOD