Megan Dorsey officially joins our team of coaches!!!!


We couldn’t be more excited to officially welcome Megan Dorsey on to our coaching staff. Megan is an amazing athlete, an exceptional coach and a phenomenal human and friend. I could go on and on but I will let Megan speak for herself because se does so so eloquently and passionately.
She has worked hard to become a member of our team and we are absolutely thrilled to have her on it! I so look forward to working with and being coached by Megan!

My Journey to Crossfit…

By: Megan Dorsey

I have always been a competition junkie. I grew up playing competitive soccer, which was
the focus of my life. I believed that I was going to be a professional athlete, but after three knee surgeries (one total reconstruction) I was told that I needed to stop. I had to choose between soccer and two fully functioning legs. The choice was not as easy to make as it sounds.

So, I moved on to Hot/Vinyasa Yoga, which led to Capoeira, which led to boxing, which led to kickboxing. I loved the intensity required by Kickboxing, the pain, the focus, the coordination and dedication. I learned an incredible amount about myself every time I stepped into the ring. It was hard, but exhilarating. Unfortunately, I developed a serious hip injury that required extensive surgery. I was told that competitive sports would never be an option for me, that I would never run again, and that I should be prepared to walk with a limp or a cane for the rest of my life. I was devastated.

I went through with the surgery, came out with 32 staples and a missing smile. I tried to refocus my energy on school, but I was not happy. I had to move home with my parents because I could not do anything for myself. I cried often and put on a lot of weight. I was withdrawn and depressed.

My Mom may have been my saving grace. She is without a doubt the strongest, most persistent, positive person I know. She contracted Polio as a small child, and has lived her entire life with what should be considered a very debilitating disability, BUT it has never appeared that way to me. She has always done exactly what she wanted to do and has never let her disability stop her. Of course, it has changed the way she lives her life on a day to day basis, but it has never defined her. She has overcome obstacles that I would consider insurmountable, and she has always done so with an inspiring balance of ferocity and grace.

My Mom was there for me every step of the way before, during and after my surgery.She drove me to physical therapy. She cleaned my disgusting wounds. She even helped me go to the bathroom, which I could not do alone. And she did it all with a loving smile.

It took about a year, but eventually I did walk again, without a cane or a limp. The day I put my (pink) cane away in the depths of my parents’ garage, something changed. I woke up. Inoticed my Mom put her cane in the car as she was about to drive me to school. My Mom would always need a cane. But she wasn’t crying. She didn’t pity herself. She wasn’t complaining.

I was being a coward.

I stopped crying. I decided my doctors’ could f*&^% off. I was going to be just fine. I began to take my physical therapy seriously. I remembered that I was an athlete, and I startedacting like it. I went back to my gym. I trained every single day, most days twice a day. It hurt like hell. It wasn’t easy. I couldn’t do what I was able to do before the surgery, but I got stronger.

Then I moved to Santa Fe. My Coach told me to check out Undisputed Fitness, that Undisputed Fitness was the ONLY gym for me. He was right. I dropped into a boxing class with Ivan. I was still overweight and out of shape, and Ivan totally worked me over, but it was fun. After boxing was over and I was trying not to puke, Nate convinced me to sign up for a Crossfitintro. Immediately after my intro, I signed up for a yearlong membership. I knew I was hooked.

My first regular Crossfit class was the Helen Challenge. Thinking about that day always makes me laugh. I would never have signed up for it if I had any idea what I was getting myself into, but I am so glad I did. It set the pace for me, gave me a goal to work towards. Since the Helen Challenge, I have completed two Whole Life Challenges, competed in the SouthwestThrowdown and Boxtoberfest. In December of 2012, I received my Level 1 CrossfitCertification, and during the next six months I completed the Instructor Training Program.

I cannot put into words how much Crossfit, and Undisputed Fitness, have given to me.Now, I know that I am strong and fit. I am proud of the way my body looks and all of the amazing things I have trained it to do. I feel confident and healthy. I am happy. I have found a new family that always has my back, and only wants the best for me.

But most importantly, I can look at the family I’ve had all along and be proud of who I am. Now, when I run, I run for those who can’t. Now, when I get tired and want to quit, I yell (I know you’ve all heard it) and push through one more rep with strength that comes from the sheer joy of knowing that I can.

I am now a Crossfit Coach, and I wasn’t supposed to walk again.

Tuesday, June 25


EMOM 12minutes:
1 jerk/2 OH Squats

3 RD’s
6 power cleans
1 jerk
6 OH Squats
1 jerk
100 double unders


EMOM 12minutes:
1 jerk/2 front squats

5 RD’s
6 power cleans
1 jerk
6 Front Squats
1 jerk
60 double unders

Mobility WOD