Fruits and Veggies- delivered to your door perhaps to Oevrhead Squat?!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

All levels-

A) strength-

Seated heavy dumbbell press.  5×5

(The seated press requires a  strong midline and shoulder blades being pulled down and engaged)

B) 100 double unders
Overhead Squats (95/65) Overje
100 double unders


A) push press with DBS

5 x 5

B) 100 double unders(plate jump scale)

Overhead squats
Knees to elbows

100 DUs

Hey my people!!!! Just a little heads up…I just got privy to an amazing service provided by Skarsgard Farms in Albuquerque. They are an Organic Farm that delivers organic produce, in addition to meat, cheese,eggs, coffee and a bevy of other assorted delicacies, to your door. OMG!! How convenient and fortuitous is that?????? They have many options on quantities and content. I, being a single woman, order the small farm box, once every 2 weeks and then fill it out with a juicing box ( I recently received a Hurom juicer as a gift from a lovely and generous benefactor). This provides me with a plethora of delicious ripe and seasonal fruits and vegetables and pretty much forces me to come up with creative ways to cook Chard and other delights that I would not otherwise be exposed to…. SO…if you are curios about Skarsgard…please ask me…SUPPORT LOCAL AND ORGANIC FARMS…seriously…it couldn’t be any easier..more delicious …and good for our planet!!!!!!! (having technical difficulties and hence, cannot provide you with the hyper link…nor a photo! ;(  !)

Mobility WOD