All that and then some…

We are taking a different approach to this work out as it is not scored traditionally. One of the part ( B) is scored for quality. It is your own quality that you will hold yourself accountable to. Another ( D ) is for as few breaks or as little rest as possible. Pick a weight for the Russian Swings that makes this possible. It is going to be a jam packe workout so drink your bullet proof coffee, pay attention and act with velocity! It’s going to be fun!!

Wednesday ( a la CFLA):

A) Back Squat- 20 minutes to find a heavy single

B) Core Stability-

3 rds for quality

:45 secs arch hold
:45 secs hollow hold
:30 secs rest

C) double under work – 5 mins

All level- biggest # linked doubles- single attempt
Beginner- attempts

D) 3 rds on 3 for fewest breaks/stops

:60 RKB
:60 Hand Release push-ups
:60 rest


Mobility WOD