Ace of Baseline

Remember that baseline workout you did in your CrossFit intro? Your (for most of you) very first WOD ever? Well it’s time to do it again!

A) Baseline
B) With dumbbells,
5 Rounds for time of:
10 Dumbbell push-ups
10 Renegade rows
10 Strict seated press
10 Flat bench press
30 Double unders

Do you remember how you did on your first baseline? Were you absolutely wrecked? Did you puke? Was hard but not devastating?
It’s great to retest your baseline every so often to really see how much you’ve improved in your fitness since you’ve started. I’m willing to bet that most of you are going to surprise yourselves tomorrow!

And don’t forget to bring your jump rope for double unders tomorrow! If you haven’t gone to and bought your own jump rope yet, WHY NOT? It’s an invaluable piece of equipment to own and there’s really no reason to not.

What color is your double under device??

What color is your double under device??

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