Yay, handstand push ups!

Today you get to spend ample time practicing the ever impressive skill of the handstand push up. Which brings me to a good reminder- our kipping handstand push up seminar is on June 8th! But before that we’ll be going over the kipping muscle up on May 25th. Both at 11am. Make sure to sign up for both- or if you can only make one, you can just do that one.

I will say, we saw huge improvements in everyone who came to the kipping pull up seminar this past Saturday. Not to mention it’s a good time! Learning and laughing; it’s how we do.


A) Handstand push up- eccentrics accumulate 35 perfect reps with as slow a tempo as possible with full range of motion
B) 4 rounds
7 Burpees as fast as possible
20 Push presses as fast as possible 45/35
Rest 3 min
C) 4 rounds
7 Unbroken chest to bar chin ups
Row :20 – 100%

All levels
Handstand push up review
20 minutes working on Handstand push up
4 rounds of:
20 Strict dumb bell presses
15 Plate jumps
10 Box jumps
5 Strict pull ups

Mobility WOD