The Great Destroyer

This workout comes to you courtesy of one of the talented writers/ coaches from ,
Pat Flynn.
For a little something different we are offering you a choice, let us call it the lesser of 2 evils- the workout as it is written is done with 2 kettlebells, both arms working in unison. These are complicated and challenging movements with 2 bells, if you are not sure whether or not you shouls do them please ask your coach!!!

It is as follows-
“The Great Destroyer”:
3 rounds for time

All movements are done with double arms – 2 x (20/12)

10x KB Swing
10x KB Snatch
10x KB FRont Squat
10x KB Clean and Press
10x push Ups on bells

The twist is that it may be done with single arm movements but you must do 5 rounds. (24/16)

Happy choosing!!!!!!!! Post thoughts to comments!

I would also like to acknowledge John Salazar, Jeff Lomagio and Ivonne Lobo for making the leader board for the hero workout “Murph”- this is no small accomplishment and you should be very proud!!!



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