Tempo, tempo, tempo…

So this week’s programming has a lot to do with tempo. We are experimenting with known movements but with different timing or different range of motion. Constantly varied… Always learning!!

All Levels
Back squat
5,4,3,2 tempo:20×1, (meaning 2sec on the negative movement, 0sec pause at the bottom,x=explode up, 1 sec pause at the top)
Rest :20
Max effort push-up (tempo:22×1)
5 rounds
45 second row@95%
Rest appx 2min

Hang power clean review
15 minute hang power clean review

8 minute am rap
6 db hpc
7 db front squats
200 meter run

Rest 3minutes

8 min amrap
8 burpees
10 wall balls
12 mountain climbers

If you are confused about all of that…come to class, that is why you have a coach. If you are I treated in taking a bit more time to learn the skills…come to the 4:30 beginner class!!
If you have questions…feel free to ask here, in the comments…

Mobility WOD