Friday, April 12th, 2013

HOLY SMOKES! I can not believe that Saturday marks the end of the Whole Life Challenge. It is going to be EPIC!! If you did not do the WLC…please come be a part of this glorious day anyway. If you did do it, please bring your families and friends!!!! Also, rest up tomorrow…stay hydrated and get lots of rest! We are going to have a blast! We will start the measurements at 10am at the gym. After everyone gets measured, we will partner up and go over the standards of the movements and what is expected of all the judges!!! Once all the athletes have gone and smashed their preliminary scores, we will head over to the Alto Street Park for a Potluck/BBQ. Feel free to bring whatever you like. No one will judge you if it is not WLC compliant! If you have ever been to one of Undisputed’s BBQ’s, you know that there will be plenty of meat!!! The Awards Ceremony will occur at the park!!!!!!


Training Day
A. Push-up skill
Shoulder warmup drill
Torque position understanding
B. 5 rds for reps 2:1 (2 min work/1rest)
200 m run
Max hr push-ups in remaining time
C. Hang squat snatch
2 per minute without dropping

This is TRIBE!!!!

Mobility WOD