What’s your supplement of choice?

One of the changes in this last Whole Life Challenge from previous ones was the supplement aspect. In the WLC’s before, one of the daily points was to take fish oil. In the 2013 Spring Throwdown, they opened it up to any supplement.

That being said, I still take my Original Nutritionals every day. However at the beginning of the WLC, more coincidentally than anything, I also started taking a supplement called ZMA. I’ve never been much of a supplement guy myself (besides fish oil) but there was a proposition to start carrying ZMA in our pro shop and all of us coaches collectively said we won’t carry anything that we haven’t tested out on ourselves first.

ZMA is a combination of Zinc, Magnesium, and vitamin B6 and claims to increase muscle strength, muscle power, and free testosterone levels. The things I’ve noticed is that I am significantly stronger but most of all the soreness from workouts is almost non-existent. In all honesty, it’s kind of hard to say if that is specifically from the ZMA or from the WLC altogether, but I will say I’m not planning on stopping taking it any time soon.

Did you find any life altering supplements during this Challenge??


A. 5×5 deadlift
(Spend time building to 5 rep weight, all told 30 minutes to find)
B. 21/15/9
Dumbbell Thrusters 45/30
Reverse burpees
C. 100 double unders for time

Mobility WOD