What next?

Oh how time flies. It feels like it was last weekend that we were all gathering together to take our measurements and do 11 minutes of running, sit ups, squats, and push ups, doesn’t it? This Saturday, we’ll gather to do it again and see what kind of improvements we made over the last 8 weeks.
An important question to ask yourself at this point is, what happens next? After we do the final measurements, workout, and hand out the prizes, do you go right back to the way things were before? Do you continue this way of living exactly as you did for the past 8 weeks? Do you continue but maybe not so strict with some minor adjustments?
Every person will have their own answer for this question. There is no right or wrong; there’s simply what you choose to do. After all, that was one of the main lessons to be learned from this challenge; that everything is a choice. You are in control of your Whole Life, including the foods you eat, the time you make to exercise/mobilize, and everything necessary to benefit your health- both physical and mental. I hope all of you walk away from this challenge with that kind of power; to be in control. To know that  you don’t have to be  ruled by circumstance.
One thing I can say I took away from the last challenge is making sure to NEVER consume anything that’s not natural. No high fructose corn syrup, aspertame, or anything of the like. If I cheat with some sugar or gluten, I definitely feel it the next day. However, if I drink a Diet Coke, immediately afterward I’m forced to lay down because the room is spinning, my chest is tight, and my fingers are numb. I’ll let you know what I take away from this challenge after it finishes. That’s the other beautiful thing about the challenge- no matter how times you do it, you always get something new from it.
Be at the gym at 10am on Saturday, April 13th, for the FINALS of the Whole Life Challenge 2013 Spring Throwdown! We’ve got lots of fun planned plus the award ceremony!

Whole Life Challenge 2012 Winners!

A. Find 1 rep max clean and jerk
B.  Comp
1) 6 minute AMRAP
6 Deadlifts 225/135
9 Burpees
-rest 3 minutes-
2) 6 Minute AMRAP
12 Russian KB swings (2/1.5pood)
15 Air squats
-rest 3 min-
3) 400 m run for time

Mobility WOD