Testimonial from Tiffany Fuerte- Whole Life Challenge Winner Extraordinare!!

I moved to Santa Fe last June in search of my own “Eat Pray Love” year. I didn’t know exactly what all that was going to entail but I needed change and some self exploration as well as to detach a little bit from my family. Unfortunately, once I got here, everything I wanted to do was put on hold because I switched one family for another and found myself suffocating all over again. Summer was hard and I dreaded the fall. I was living under a gloomy cloud and only letting it get darker. Last winter I finally told myself that I had had enough and I needed to find an outlet. I remember having someone mention Crossfit to me and decided to YouTube it. I loved the videos. The drive and strength behind each person made me want to be more than what I was. Only that meant that I had to step completely out of the box I had built around me. I spent the next three months on the Undisputed website looking at all the pictures over and over again. I had sat in the parking lot once and still couldn’t work the nerve up to go in. But the next day, I FINALLY called and made an intro. That was 9 weeks ago.

My first week in I heard about the challenge and asked myself, “Why not start out ‘Big’ and lay it all out?” Little did I know how ‘BIG’ this was going to be. I was hoping for physical changes but I was never prepared for the emotional journey or the relationships I would build. Saturday was beyond my wildest dreams and it’s a day that I will cherish forever and am so happy that I was able to share it with so many amazing people that I am just getting to know. I feel like I’m peeling away layers from someone who has been hidden deep inside me. And it’s exciting to do it around people who are having their own discoveries.

Change comes from within and once we decide we are ready to take on the challenge, the possibilities are endless. I am finally done waiting and ready to move forward.



Competition Day-

If you don’t know what that means- google it!! Engage!!!

Mobility WOD