Last week of the WLC!!!

Ok guys!!! Here begins the las week of the Whole Life Challenge!!!  I am experiencing a mixture of relief and trepidation.

I am looking forward to continuing to read labels and keep preservatives and  unnecessary sugars out of my diet… To make a valiant effort at not resorting to default mechanisms of eating whatever is available and in front of me.

I have not meditated since the end of that lifestyle challenge, but I believe it the benefits of meditation and I would like to pursue some sort of a practice around mindfulness, gratitude and centeredness. Even trying to take time to  journal everyday would be an amazing outcome.

The Random acts of kindness is by far my favorite part of the challenge thus far. It fills my heart up to do nice things for others when they don’t expect it and I feel it positively effecting my relationships.

For me , I know that it will be difficult to stay vigilant about  the 10 minutes a day of  working out and mobilizing  when there is not a point or four at stake. I do intend to try to keep up with those aspects of the challenge. I feel stronger and more limber and it feels good.

I feel that I have successfully formed a new habit around taking may supplements everyday. The supplements that I have been taking are fish oil, a probiotic, a women’s multi, and ZMA ( a combo of Zinc, Magnesium and B6 that aids in muscle recovery,  increase strength and muscle mass(have you noticed my biceps???) , more energy and sounder sleep- Ask your coach about it- we sell it and it is awesome!!)

Did you know that it takes 30 days to bereavement a habit and 39 days to form a habit- so within the context of the WLC you have the opportunity to positively change and reform all sorts of habits! Interesting, huh?Post the habits that you have lost for gained in comments, please!

Eddie Bravo Seminar!!

Also, we threw a hugely successful and special Jiu Jitsu seminar this weekend with the  inventor of the “rubber guard” and the founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, Eddie Bravo!!!! Big things are happening people. Stay tuned…we have awesome events and seminars coming to you!!!!
EMOM 8 – Deadlifts
A. 2 on the minute @80% of 1rm. Maintain that weight
B. Press complex
3 rds for load:
(finding heaviest) aka “not for time”
1 press
4 push press
6 jerks

Mobility WOD