Time for the last lifestyle category of the Whole Life Challenge! Wow, am I the only one who got a little sad at that sentence? I know some people are counting down the days til the finals but I have so much fun and get so much out of these challenges that I’m always sad to see them end. But I digress….

The last category of the Lifestyle challenge is one that I’ve been personally looking forward to since the beginning: Random Acts of Kindness. This is something I love. Few things make me happier than to be the cause of someone’s smile.
And the really beautiful part about that is the chain reaction it causes. When you do something nice for someone, they are more inclined to do something nice for someone else. I want you to really take a second and think about this; there are 7,767 people registered in this Whole Life Challenge all over the world. That’s 7,767 people committing a random act of kindness EVERY DAY for someone else who is then, more than likely, going to pass it a long to someone else. And so on and so forth. Can you imagine the snowball affect that is going to create?

Go HERE to read the official WLC blog and rules for the Acts of Kindness lifestyle challenge.

And we want to drown ourselves in all of your positivity so we created a Facebook group for everyone to post and talk about their Acts of Kindness! Go here to join—>

Tuesday 4/2/13

A. Squat snatch
Every Minute On the Minute 12
1 Single every minute

B. 5 rds for reps :90work /:90rest
250mtr row
Max strict pull-ups

Also, did everyone see this AWESOME video Coach Ruben Rivera made of the CrossFit Open 13.4 workout??? Thanks, Ruben!

Mobility WOD