Introducing leveled classes at CrossFit Santa Fe

Starting May 1st, we will be introducing a few leveled classes at CrossFit Santa Fe. We will have beginner classes on Tuesday at 6:30pm and Wednesday at 4:30pm and an Intermediate/Advanced class at 5:30pm on Thursday. The workouts will be the same, just with some variances in scaling. We are going to start with these 3 classes and grow from there.
All athletes are welcome to come to beginner classes, just know that there will be more time spent on instruction. If you are wondering what the requirements for attending the Intermediate/Advanced class are, proficiency in the 9 Fundamental movements is a must. If you are still unsure, ask a coach!
The goal of this change is to provide you with more specific CrossFit coaching appropriate for your fitness level.  Better coaching relative to your experience will help you achieve greater results, faster, and in a more enjoyable environment.

At Undisputed Fitness, we are dedicated to always figuring out better ways to help you achieve elite fitness!

Thursday 4/18/13
2 minute max sit-ups (partner counts and holds feet flat on floor for torque support)
Wall balls
Medball cleans

Mobility WOD