Finals Week!! Last week of the CrossFit Open!

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2103

This week we have a slight schedule change due to our very exciting 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Seminar with Mr. 10th Planet himself, Eddie Bravo and the last Open Wod, both happening on this Saturday, the 6th.

We will be doing the Open at 10am this Saturday, so there will only be one CrossFit class and that will be an outdoor WOD at 1pm. We will meet outside the gym at 1PM, as Eddie’s seminar will be in full swing by then. The seminar will be EPIC and that will be from 12-4pm if you have interest in getting registered for that, please talk to Nate or Ruben asap. It is almost full!!!

PLEASE COME IN AND CHEER ON THOSE BRAVE ATHLETES THAT ARE COMPETING IN THE CROSSFIT OPEN. THIS IS THE LAST ONE OF THE YEAR!!!!We expect all of you to compete next year so come in and check out what it takes!!


800m run
15 power cleans 135/95
20 goblet squats

WLC – Pre-game huddle!

Also, speaking of finals weeks…there are only 11 days left of the Whole Life Challenge!! Are you ready for the FINALS??? Please post any emotions that this brings up for you to comments!!!!!


Mobility WOD