Coming soon- a kipping series and self defense!

At Undisputed Fitness, we’re always planning the next fun, great thing to help our community grow as athletes and people. The next things we have coming up are a kipping series and self defense seminar.

The kipping series will be spread out among 3 one hour sessions and be designed to help you master your kip in a multitude of movements.

On May 11th, we’ll go over the pull up; May 25th will be on the muscle up; and we’ll cap things off with the handstand push up on June 8th.

On June 1st, we’ll be hosting a self defense seminar with the boss himself, Tait Fletcher. Having assisted Tait in a previous self defense seminar, I can say that it will be filled with invaluable information and not to be missed!

A. Power Snatch
15min to find heavy single
B. 3x max strict pull-up
(Sub strict muscle ups if you’re feeling froggy)
C. For time and weight, 10 min cap.-row 1 k, followed by 1 round of the Bear complex for time(row) and weight(bear)

The only thing prettier than Eddie Mcgovern’s snatch, is his hair.

Mobility WOD