Double under sandwich

We are determined to help you conquer your double unders! Remember- practice makes perfect.

A) back squat for heavy 1

B) 100 double unders
Bench press 70% body weight
Russian swing
100 double unders


Kipping series is coming up!

We’ve seen such a huge increase in kippers lately! And many more on the verge of getting their kip! To help drive that momentum even more, we’ve designed a series of kipping seminars. Each session will be about an hour long, and will focus on one specific exercise involving the kip.

On May 11th, we’ll go over the pull up.
May 25th will be all about the muscle up.
And finally, on June 8th, we’re going to cover the handstand push up.

Each session will be at 11:30am. You can attend any one, two, or all three! ($20 per session or $45 for all three.)
Attendance will be limited so reserve your spot asap! (A sign up sheet is hanging up next to the white board.)

CrossFit’s resident gymnastics guru Carl Paoli, going over the finer points of the handstand push up with Coach Nate as a demo


A) Every minute, on the minute, for 8 minutes:
2 Squat snatches – building weight

B) Time vs Task
As many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of:
6 Kettlebell snatches 24/16kg
9 Kettlebell swings
12 Goblet squats

Rest 3 minutes

Complete the work you did in the AMRAP, for time.

Til the wheels come off…


In case you guys were concerned whether I am getting any exercise in NyC, other than the miles of walking and flights of subway stairs, my friend Dee and I managed to race our scooters down 5th ave after dinner tonight (her’s is a utilitarian knee scooter and mine was a hot pink wonky razor that we found)!

5 rds
15 deads 136/95
200 mtr plate carry45/25(plate is off the athletes bar)
100 double unders

Dumbbells? More like Funbells! Amirite?


Dumbbell partner WOD
10 rounds for time of:
Partner A does 10 suitcase deadlifts 45/30
Partner B does 10 hang squat cleans
Partner A does 10 push presses
Both partners do 10 burpees
(Partner B starts round 2, partner A starts round 3, etc.)

Back Squats and Front Squats!!

Back squat
8@ 65% 1rm
6@ 75%
4@ 80%
Front Squat
4 sets of 5 reps @75% 1rm

As many double unders in five minutes(should be fun after all the leg work!!) sub STRICT singles, fast.


If it’s good enough to do, it’s good enough to write down.

Something I say in every intro I teach is the importance of keeping a journal. Write down everything you do. CrossFit is about increasing your work capacity, right? Our WOD’s are timed and those named ones are called ‘Benchmarks’ for a reason. That’s how we measure progress. It’s hard to improve on your last time/rounds/weight if you don’t even know what your last time/rounds/weight was.
If you have a record of what you’ve been doing, it makes it a lot easier to set goals for where you want to go. Not to mention that you get to see your results on paper- I dare you to not feel good about yourself after seeing how much more weight you can put up now than you could 6 months ago. Or how much faster your Fran time is.
There are multiple options for journals, a lot of people take a picture of the white board with their phone and keep their pics in an album. There are multiple mobile apps (a quick search in your app store should bring up a multitude of options). And, of course, there’s the good old fashioned paperback version. At CrossFit Santa Fe, we don’t want you to have to find just any ol’ college ruled notebook. That’s just boring. We printed up our own special WOD Journal for your logging joys. In case you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing it before:

CrossFit Santa Fe’s very own success journal

It also includes several no equipment necessary wod’s for when you’re on the road and can’t make a class, as well a section on nutrition, athletic milestones, and much more.
Keeping a journal is HIGHLY recommended, regardless of your preferred medium!
3 rds of
200 mtrs
20 GOOD air squats.
15 min amrap
10 figure 8 to hold
10 KB sdlhp
50 double unders


This is my kind of workout…too bad I am getting on a plane right after I teach the 7am class…25th high school reunion here I come!!!! I will be singing your praises and the praises of CrossFit the whole weekend to be sure. I never would have guessed 25 years ago that I would be helping to run an amazing, rEvolutionary gym and living out a dream I could not even have conceived of. I thank you, my tribe, each and every one of you, for helping me go powerfully and happily to my high school reunion. Not to mention, in pretty great shape. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!


“Body weight Total” ala CFLA
2 minutes for Max of each following
Rest exactly three minutes between movements(each movement starts on the 5:00 mark of a continuously running clock)
Score is cumulative reps of all moves.

Coming soon- a kipping series and self defense!

At Undisputed Fitness, we’re always planning the next fun, great thing to help our community grow as athletes and people. The next things we have coming up are a kipping series and self defense seminar.

The kipping series will be spread out among 3 one hour sessions and be designed to help you master your kip in a multitude of movements.

On May 11th, we’ll go over the pull up; May 25th will be on the muscle up; and we’ll cap things off with the handstand push up on June 8th.

On June 1st, we’ll be hosting a self defense seminar with the boss himself, Tait Fletcher. Having assisted Tait in a previous self defense seminar, I can say that it will be filled with invaluable information and not to be missed!

A. Power Snatch
15min to find heavy single
B. 3x max strict pull-up
(Sub strict muscle ups if you’re feeling froggy)
C. For time and weight, 10 min cap.-row 1 k, followed by 1 round of the Bear complex for time(row) and weight(bear)

The only thing prettier than Eddie Mcgovern’s snatch, is his hair.

Split Jerks and everything!

Split Jerk for a heavy single.

6 DB hang power cleans
7 DB front squats
200 Mtr run

Rest 3

8 burpees
10 wall balls
12 mountain climbers


Wise words from Socrates

WOD: 20 minute Amrap

In teams of 2:

While Partner A runs 400m, Partner B moves through these stations-

4 Pull Ups

6 Wall Ball shots 20/14

8 Burpees

10 SDHP 32/24kg

12 Walking Lunges

** Partners move to next station after each partner completes the station.


Mobility WOD