Why you should register for the CrossFit Open!!!

Bin excited for the Harlem Shake- Photo by Amy Silverman

Thursday, March 7, 2013-
Training day

a. Turkish Get Ups-

b.pistol squat/ air squat ladder




v-twists w/kb (20/12)
double unders

CrossFit Open WOD- 13.1 was a doozy! If you are registered or registering(after you read my blog below) take an active recovery day tomorrow…Then eat well… Get lots of sleep and Come Saturday to count your scores and be one of 100,000 people competing world wide. Starting this Saturday at 11:30. If you won’t be swayed to participate,
Come cheer on your teammates!!!

Why should you register for the Crossfit Open? Monica Ulibarri PR’ed her snatch today after 70 burpees and 30 Snatches at 45 lbs. I was stopped last year at the 75 lbs snatch (physically? Mentally?). I had 5 minutes to get one and I  could not do it. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember you all screaming for me. Telling me I could. I remember the frustration and the disappointment. I remember the pride I felt for trying so darn hard. I don’t even think that I have tried to Snatch 75 lbs since and today I was determined to succeed and I got 17 of them.
 There is a different level of strive that happens when we compete. Something shifts. Possibilities open. We surprise ourselves! And how good does that feel? It feels divine!!!
Consider how prepared you are! Consider that the reason that we have been using the model of programming (thank you CFLA!!! ) that we have been using is to prepare you for exactly this! You have been training for THIS and you didn’t even know it! How sneaky are we?! Not to mention a large percentage of you have been eating super clean, training every day, mobilizing more than you ever have, sleeping more an drinking copious amounts of water! YOU ARE READY!!!!
I know that you have all your reasons (and they ARE good ) and your “I can’ts” and your doubts – but let me tell you this- you have no idea how great you are, how fast you are, how well you move…this is an opportunity to find out and the playing field is the world. We are not here to be average or to be stopped by our fears. We are here to look at those fears straight on, tel that pesky little voice to shut up and step on up into our greatness!!!! You have nothing to lose! You have everything to gain! And to boot- you have us and we believe in you!!!
Do I hear pre-game locker room cheers? What are you waiting for!!! Get registered NOW!!!  www.games.crossfit.com

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