What’s YOUR strategy?

It’s Saturday in March so that means it’s time to get judged for the CrossFit Open! As you’ve noticed by now, we’ve been scheduling the Open workouts on Thursday so that everybody can participate whether they’re signed up for the Open or not and then doing the actual judging on Saturday.

If you’re one of the brave souls who undertook this worldwide competition, what’s your strategy?
Have you been doing it on Thursday so you know what to expect on Saturday?
Are you a ‘one and done’ kinda guy (or gal) and save yourself for just the Saturday judging?
Are you doing it on Thursday but scaling it back so as not to be too sore for when you’re judged?

Regardless of what your above strategy is, I hope all of you are taking the appropriate action of doing active recovery on Fridays and avoiding an intense WOD!

REMINDER: The judging for the Open workout starts at 2:15pm SHARP! If you’re participating, make sure you get here early to roll out and warm up! If you’re not signed up for the Open, we implore you to come cheer on your fellow athletes and friends who are! Last week saw so many athletes not only setting new PR’s but CRUSHING their old ones! Seeing that type of feat is nothing short of awe inspiring; and it happens through having people right there yelling for you to push and dig deep. Every single person working out tomorrow will be more grateful than words can describe to have you there supporting them.

Saturday’s regular class WOD:

24 Minute AMRAP of:
10 Overhead squats 115/75
20 Ring dips
30 Push ups
40 Box jumps
50 Sit ups
*One partner works at a time, partners switch every minute.

Open Workout 13.1!!

Ivonne killed it!

Is it a dance or a demo of a Snatch?


Mobility WOD