Nate’s Twenty GREAT!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 20th – otherwise known as NATE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!
In case ya didn’t know! Tabata is Nate’s favorite kind of workout!!
Nates 28. Aka/Tabata 28
4 rds of work
28 seconds of work, 14s rest-
Air squats
Hollow rocks
Renegade rows 1/3 bw
Bench press 1/2 bw
If you haven’t had a chance to hang out with Coach Nate- you should make it a priority! Take him to lunch! He loves lunch! I feel extraordinarily blessed to get to work with Nate everyday. He is always funny and light hearted. He has a wonderful, refreshing perspective on life. Nate is loyal and helpful and has never said no to me when I have asked him to cover my classes for whatever reason. Not only has he never said no, he always seems happy to help. When I think of how fortunate I was to spend the last few weeks of my Dad’s life at his bedside, a great deal of the reason that I was able to to that was because of Nate’s willingness to work extra(almost 2x as much) so I could be with my family I appreciate him so very much and I feel so lucky to be able to have the opportunity to spend so much time with him and to get to run this amazing business with him!!!

What do you like about Nate? Post to comments work attest


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