Nate’s CrossFit Tour ’13 or, the value of visiting other boxes.

There are many aspects of CrossFit that set it apart from other training methodologies; the constantly varied, functional movements, and high intensity, to name a few, but one particular aspect that never ceases to amaze and inspire me is the community feature of CrossFit.

On my recent trip to Los Angeles, I dropped in for wods at Functional Fitness on the Bluffs (aka: FFOTB, aka: #fakegym), CrossFit LA, CrossFit High Voltage, and Dogtown CrossFit. And at every single box, I was greeted with enthusiastic smiles and welcomed right in to class. (After filling out a waiver, of course, which gave me a sense of deja vu seeing as how every single box has (at least almost) the exact same waiver that I’ve had probably thousands of people fill out myself.)

As you would guess, much of CrossFit is the same anywhere you go; we all do double unders, kipping pull ups, wall balls, etc. What’s special though, is the different ways in which different people can convey the same information. Every coach has their own style and cues. I’ve seen lots of instances where people (myself included) are stuck in a particular movement and just can’t seem to figure out how to make the proper adjustments to their technique. You hear the cues from your coach, you know what you need to do, you…. just… can’t…. seem…. to do it. Then, one day, you meet a new CrossFitter, they see you practicing the movement you’re stuck on and say some particular phrase that you’ve never heard before and, BAM, you find it in yourself to make that adjustment. They’ve delivered the same message that you’ve heard plenty of times but, for some reason, that combination of words was the magic trigger to unlocking your mastering of that skill.

OR, as I’ve found out recently, sometimes it’s not even a new cue. Sometimes it can be a cue you hear and use all the time but once you hear it back to you, it just makes something click in your head. As the was the case with me and my double unders recently. I lost them. I completely lost them. When I first got to LA, in order to get our ten minutes of exercise in and earn our exercise points for the Whole Life Challenge, Tait and I resorted to doing impromptu WOD’s on the back porch of his apartment building. Being the prepared CrossFitters that we are, we both always have our jump ropes on hand so our WOD’s always involved double unders. Now, I’m no Phil Madrid or anything but I’ve gotten to a point of being pretty proficient at double unders and I couldn’t get two in a row. TWO. IN. A. ROW. It was quite devastating. But that Wednesday, I went on a journey to Burbank to workout at CrossFit High Voltage. The workout of the day involved double unders so I was practicing beforehand and, like the back porch wods prior, couldn’t string any together. The coach, Logan, comes up and says to me, “Your arms are coming out. Keep your elbows in tight.” A cue that I use every time I see someone jumping rope. In that moment, hearing a common cue, but from someone I’ve never been coached by before, it clicked; I brought my elbows in and was able to to get 20 doubles strung together. I was amazed. And grateful.

I used to be someone who thought, “If I’m on vacation, the last thing I’m thinking about is finding a place to workout. I’m more concerned with finding a local restaurant that serves the best non-paleo cuisine.” I can assure you, that is definitely not my train of thinking anymore. Every place I visited on my trip was filled with education and amazing, inspiring people. Any time you take a trip to a new city, I strongly encourage getting on your Google machine and finding a CrossFit affiliate to visit. Chances are they’ll be more than willing to let you drop in for a class for a small drop in (many boxes just ask that you buy a t-shirt) and welcome you into their community like you were one of their own.

Speaking of traveling CrossFitters and t-shirts from CrossFits around the globe, one of our beloved, former members, Kate Swenson, moved to Thailand last month and today we received this in the mail:

Gifts from Thailand!

A t-shirt from her current box, CrossFit Chang Mai, for each coach (well, Heather and Crow anyway because apparently they were out of guys’ shirts. Likely story, Kate!), CrossFit Chang Mai stickers and a post card with a lovely message from her.

One thing can be said about CrossFitters, they love to collect different boxes t-shirts! (I honestly cannot tell you how many occupy my closet.)

Tuesday, March 12th
A) Squat snatch drill
Every Minute On the Minute, for 10 minutes
1 Squat snatch
1 Hang squat snatch (below the knee)
1 Hang squat snatch (mid thigh)
Goal- max weight

B) 5 rds for reps
In 2 minutes complete
200 m run
Max rep push-ups
-1 min rest between rds

Mobility WOD