Athlete Profile: Darlene Vigil

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Training Day:
Press EMOM 8 minutes- Strict Shoulder Presses
     2 presses at 5 rep max weight (or 80% 1rep max)
B) Front Squat
10 min to find 5 Rep Max
C) 8 rds for distance of
Row :60 rest :90
During rest perform two reps of front squat at 75% of today’s 5 RM

Leader Board!!!!


Name:    Darlene Vigil
Age:      52
Height/Weight:    5’1,  110 Lbs.
CrossFit Date:  August 2010

1.  How did you find out or hear about CrossFit?
My friend Kim had just visited Undisputed and taken the baseline WOD and she called me and told me all about it.
2.  What were your goals when you first started?
I really didn’t set any goals when I first started CrossFit I just wanted to learn the movements.  However, as I progressed I looked at the RX board and set a goal to one day be able to RX a WOD and get my name on the board.
3.  What types of results have you seen since starting CrossFit?
I am definitely leaner (lost weight and inches), faster and stronger than before I started CrossFit. I am more knowledgeable when it comes to eating healthier, working out and stretching.  When I first started CrossFit my shoulder mobility and the tightness in my hips were so bad I could not do a proper squat let alone an overhead squat.  I still struggle; however, I am so much better thanks to our CrossFit coaches.
4.  Describe your experience at CrossFit Santa Fe.
I love Undisputed Fitness and I love CrossFit.  The coaches and CrossFitters are all fabulous and I have learned so much.  I enjoy the sharing of knowledge by the coaches (Paleo, WLC, home WOD’s, Mobility, recipes, training; etc.).  My only regret is that I didn’t hear about CrossFit years earlier.
5.  What fitness goals do you have for the next year?
I would like to eventually be able to do ring dips.  That’s my 2013 goal.
6.  What made you try CrossFit?
I had just turned 50 and I needed a change when it came to my exercise routine.  I had been so bored with gym equipment and the fitness classes I had been taking.  Based on my friends recommendation, I called Undisputed and scheduled my baseline WOD.  I did not do very well with the baseline.  I could only do about 5 pull ups with a green band.  I knew then that I needed a lot of work and Undisputed Fitness was the place to do it at.  So I signed up immediately for unlimited classes.
7.  What has been your biggest challenge in CrossFit?
I have had many struggles with CrossFit movements; however, due to poor shoulder mobility overhead squats and snatches continue to be a challenge for me.

1 Rep Max Dead Lift:  215 LBS
2. Your best time for max reps:  Annie 6:49 RX

Darlene Vigil

Darlene is amazing at walking lunges!!!


Mobility WOD