An amazing Paleo Cooking Class with Camille Macres!!!

Camille Macres has mad knowledge!

Cast and Crew!

A rare opportunity to wear my favorite apron!

What an extraordinary day we had at Iconik Coffee Roasters where Undisputed Fitness hosted a Paleo Cooking Class with Camille Macres of Recipe RX and the brand spanking  new Cookbook Paleogasm( available on Amazon). Camille is well versed in nutrition as it pertains to a Paleo Diet. We talked about good fats vs bad fats, the myth that red meat is bad for you, why wheat is terrible, intestinal health and care, the importance of juicing,  how to layer flavors, and so much more.  She explained how to make Kombucha which is excellent for your digestive tract. She gave us little tips on how to prepare your pans and meat for cooking.
The menu included bone broth (we are super excited about this development), kale Caesar salad with chicken, butternut squash and sweet potato soup, and superfood energy balls. Not only did we learn how to make all this delicious food, we also got to eat it!!
There is still time and room to get registered for Tuesdays class. I highly encourage you to do so. It will be in the same amazing spot, Iconik Coffee Roasters at 1600 Lena Street in the Lena Street Lofts. You will not regret it. 6-8:30 Tuesday evening. The price is $40 for one person or you can bring a friend for $60, which is a hell of a deal since you will be fed delicious and nutritious Paleo food. Think of it as dinner, because it will be, and entertainment.
The menu for Tuesday will be as follows:
Basic Aioli (plus variations- buffalo, jalapeño lime, lemon and Moroccan aioli)
Grass fed Burgers packed with veggies
5 minute Salad
Paleo Ranch dressing
Moroccan Spice Blend
Raw Banana coconut cream pie
I, for one,  can not wait!!!!
Monday( Nates fave!!)
A) squat snatch
EMOM 8: 3 positions starting in high hang.
B.)Muscle Up/ring pull/ring row
3x ME MU’s to “hole”(no dip) scale to ring pull-up
C)5 rds for time of:
200 Mtr run
5 squat snatch @70% of EMOM
Rest :60 exactly after completing each round

Amy V at the bottom of an Overhead Squat!

Mobility WOD