A letter from Jenna

To my first loves, UNDISPUTED FITNESS!!!

Let’s not forget how it all began.

I walked in to this gym wanting to get back into shape. Who knew it would lead me to where I am now. From the moment I stepped foot in the door, I was hooked! I did it all; cardio kickboxing, jits, and, from time to time, my own little thing.

I’ve met so many different and wonderful individuals…  friends. After a few years of working hard and enjoying the experiences of a healthier lifestyle, I was finally introduced to CROSSFIT. I went into it thinking ‘This seems neat’ to ‘holy s**t I’m addicted’. I saw myself progress in ways I’ve never thought possible; from not being able to do an unassisted pull up to pulling multiple muscle ups with ease. This was not, and I repeat, not easy in the slightest. It took all that I had to be where I am now. Now, I’m not saying I’m the greatest, I’m saying I’m greater than before. Greater than I had ever thought possible. And still I’m pushing to be better.

It’s been years now since i’ve started CrossFit, maybe three/four?? I can’t keep count (Editor’s note: Jenna and I did our first CrossFit workout together in the summer of 2008. It was at the Saturday 2pm class and it was Tabata. :) ), so needless to say, CrossFit is a sport that takes time, and it’s worth every bit of it. Beyond the CrossFit, there is one important factor I’ve yet to mention and that is the community of CrossFit. The members, the teammates, the friends. People who share these same interests as you, who push you to become a better you, and there is no way in hell I would have ever gotten to this point in my life without the Undisputed community. Every single person who has stepped into those doors has made me a believer. You all inspire me in one way or another. The passion for a better you is always the biggest achievement, and I thank each and every person for making me understand this.

So, here I am, in Los Angeles. This has been a struggle, but only in the best way. I’ve found a place to call my own, a CrossFit gym that has allowed me to grow within their community of great athletes, and a hell of a lot of dog parks for my pups! Even though things seem to be working out swell, and this new gym is settling in nicely, I’ll never forget my roots. Tait, Heather, Nate, and all the wonderful coaches, thank you for letting me be a part of such a beautiful place. I wish the best for you all, and I miss you more than you know.

Keep on keeping on and live to the fullest!

Much love to you all,
Jenna (J-dog) Rios

“Handsome” Jenna Rios immortalized in t-shirt form

Aw, if I had feelings I would be crying right now. :) I think I speak for everybody when I say how missed and loved Jenna is. And that I never knew she went by “J-Dog”.

A) squat clean
Every Minute On the Minute for 8 minutes: 2 Positions (ground and hang)

5 min strict pull-up drill (On the minute max strict pull-ups)

C) 6 rds for squat clean reps
50 double unders
Max squat clean (at 62.5% of days heaviest EMOM )
Each round is 2 minute
On minute rest between.

Mobility WOD