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Hey guys! Just to let you know- the Open went great on Saturday and it was really fun but it will be even more fun if more of you show up to cheer. The more people, the more energy. The more energy, the better the results. The louder the cheers, the easier it is for the athlete to drown out their inner voice screaming about how hard it is or how they can’t. Be a part of your teammates success.
I have to say- that Ivonne Lobo rocked my world with her brute strength and determination. She blasted out 23 Snatches at 75 lbs- granted they weren’t pretty (a snatch/press amalgamation for sure) but they were fierce. I was impressed and inspired (to tears of course).

It confirmed my desire to do the WOD and I channeled her when I stepped up to my bar on my second set of Snatches. I got 15, way less than Ivonne but I was left feeling proud of myself and my effort. Especially, since I thought that I had done 17 @75 lbs on Thursday and then woke up the next morning to flashback to the configuration of weights in my bar and to my horror realized that I had only loaded my bar to 65lbs (and they were hard).

The next day, determined, I worked up to 75 lbs doing an every minute on the minute Snatch Workout. I barley got 3. I was not able to do the WOD on Saturday because we ran out of time. I had decided that I was fine not doing it. That I didn’t have to. That I wouldn’t be any good at it. So to prove myself wrong and to take it on and get way more reps than I ha even hoped for was a great accomplishment for me! Thank you all
for inspiring me daily. I could not do it without you!!!

OMG! Did you read Crystal Richards year anniversary essay on fb on Saturday?!! WOW!!! If you haven’t read it, read it. If you aren’t on fb, I will post it here in Wednesday!

When was the last time you surprise yourself with your courage or your performance?

Post to comments, please.

Monday, March 11th, 2013
Competition Day!
5 rds
In 2 minutes complete;
10 DB Thrusters 45/25
Run 200 mtrs
Max Burpees with remaining time

Rest 2 minutes

Score = total # of Burpees (YAY BURPEES)

Mobility WOD