March Fourth!

Monday, March Forth (and Conquer), 2013

Training day:

10 Rounds- 90 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest

Strict press til fail

Push Press til fail

Push Jerk til time


I found this article on the CrossFit Journal, January 2003

“Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk- The Overhead Lifts

The Summary of the article states:

“From shoulder press to push jerk the movements become increasingly more athletic, functional, and suited to heavier loads. The progression also increasingly relies on the power zone. In the shoulder press the power zone is used for stabilization only. In the push press the power zone provides not only stability, but also the primary impetus in both the dip and drive. In the push jerk the power zone is called on for the dip, drive, second dip, and squat. The role of the hip is increased in each exercise.
With the push press you will be able to drive overhead as much as 30% more weight than with the shoulder press. The push jerk will allow you to drive as much as 30% more overhead than you would with the push press.
In effect the hip is increasingly recruited through the progression of lifts to assist the arms and shoulders in raising loads overhead. After mastering the push jerk you will find that it will unconsciously displace the push press as your method of choice when going overhead.
The second dip on the push jerk will become lower and lower as you both master the technique and increase the load. At some point in your development, the loads will become so substantial that the upper body cannot contribute but a fraction to the movement at which point the catch becomes very low and an increasing amount of the lift is accomplished by the overhead squat.”

Don’t forget to google our Harlem Shake video, watch it and share it!!! We had a blast making it!!!

We are 2 weeks into the challenge! How is it going for you? How did you sleep last night? Are you still trying to drink 1/2 your body weight in ozs of water? Please post to comments>

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