Whole Life Challenge Itinerary and an Athlete Testimonial

The Whole Life Challenge is THIS weekend! If you’re still on the fence about whether you want to make the leap into this life changing adventure, listen to what one of the winners from our last challenge, Caitlin Smith has to say:

I started my first Whole Life Challenge at almost exactly the same time I started going to CrossFit. I needed a change. I was coming off of three years of law school, which I had loved but which had been terrible for my health. I lived on pizza, Diet Coke, and takeout. I spent the summer of 2012 moving from New York to Santa Fe and studying for the bar exam. That whole summer, I don’t think I got any exercise more strenuous than walking. I was fifty pounds overweight.

My husband Brian and I went to our CrossFit introduction with Heather at the beginning of September. She suggested that if we really wanted to make a change in our lives, we should join the WLC, which was starting the next week.

Committing to that kind of lifestyle change was intimidating. Before the WLC, even our “healthy” diet was full of grains, soy, and processed foods. Daily exercise was new to us, and we had never done anything as intense as CrossFit. I had recurring dreams that I had eaten something non-compliant without realizing it. I realized that on some level, I felt that my eating controlled me instead of the other way around. On the WLC, Brian and I had to think constantly about what we were going to eat and when we were going to exercise, but at the same time, food was losing its control over me.

Over the course of eight weeks, I lost fifteen pounds and more than a full dress size. Paradoxically, as I lost weight, I stopped caring so much about the number on the scale. I no longer feel defined by my weight. I have a long way to go, but for the first time in years, I am proud of what my body can accomplish.

Brian and I took first place at CrossFit Santa Fe in the men’s and women’s WLC respectively. It felt like such a validation of how far we had come and how hard we had pushed each other. It’s a big help to do the WLC with a partner: we exercised with each other every day, we cooked for each other (okay, mostly Brian cooked for me), and we kept each other honest. It helps that we are competitive with each other—at the final workout, I wanted Brian to improve as much as possible, but I also wanted to improve more than he did.

He beat me by a handful of reps, the bum. It’s okay. I’ll get him during the next WLC.

The Prelims for the WLC start at 10am SHARP at Undisputed Fitness. We’re going to start with a pre-game huddle that will consist of going over the challenge and the rules, then opening it up to questions from you guys. After the huddle, we will do measurements and after measurements, we’ll do the workout.

If you can’t make the prelims time, the make ups for the prelims will be on Monday, the 18th, at 8am and Tuesday, the 19th, at 3pm.

We hope you’re as excited as we are!! In case you need it, here’s the link to register: http://wholelifechallenge.com/wlc2013/affiliate/undisputedfitness

Brian and Caitlin Smith at WLC 2012 Finals

A.Power snatch drill
1 squat snatch
1 hang squat snatch- from below knee
1 hang squat snatch -pockets
Goal is max weight
B. 3x max muscle ups
-sub 2 max sets of STRICT pull-ups and dips—aim for 7-10 reps
C. Surprise Met-Con!!
10 rounds for reps!
20sec. max reps Power Snatch 75/55
20sec. REST
20sec. max reps burpees

Mobility WOD