Thursday, February 28th-

Training Day:

a) Heaving Snatch Balance:

Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) 2 per for 10 minutes!!

b) Death by Handstand Push UP (scale with band)

c) 800 meter run

rest 3 minutes

800 meter run

I am moved to tears, goose bumps, joy almost every single day at Undisputed Fitness because of all the little victories we each have and all the little “I could nevers” we shame into extinction. When we turn the “I can’t”s  into “I can try”s (a difference of only 2 letters) and in doing so we open ourselves up to a world of new possibilities. To see that smile break across an athletes face or the surprise and delight at accomplishing something that just a few months, weeks, days ago seemed impossible is the epitome of fulfillment and satisfaction in my (and all your coaches) lives. It is what has me spring out of bed in the morning at 5am. It is what makes spending 10-12 hours a day at the gym a gift. Each one of you is extraordinary. I am the luckiest girl in the world to get to spend time with you. You make me try harder. You make me dig deeper. You make me better. THANK YOU!!!! Coach Heather

Melanie conquering fear!


Today, the person responsible for making my heart soar was Melanie Milburn. Melanie has been diligently working on conquering her fear of the boxjumps. She started a couple of months ago with 2 plates on the floor. Each WOD she has added a little more height until today when she was able to quiet her brain and JUMP!!!! Add she did!!! 20 inch boxjump! UNSTOPPABLE!!!!! YAY Melanie!!!!



Mobility WOD