Mental Toughness (rest day for you WLCers)

Valentines has come and gone and we’re one day closer to the prelims. We’ve seen a HUGE influx of people registered in the last coupe of days and it shows no sign of slowing down!

Friday (If you’re coming to the WLC prelims, take a rest day!)
Mental Toughness
21 Deadlifts
400m run
5 rds of Cindy
15 Deadlifts
400m run
5rds of Cindy
9 Deadlifts
400m run
5 rds of Cindy

A few days ago we posted a testimonial from the women’s 1st place winner in our last WLC, Caitlin Smith, and now we’re going we’re going to share one from the men’s 1st place winner (and Caitlin’s husband), Brian Smith.

The whole life challenge literally changed my life.

When I was living in New York, I had an awful job, didn’t get enough sleep,
ate General Tso’s chicken every day, drank heavily, and never went to the
gym. I tried to start working out a few times, but never really got into
it. I would go a few times but then get bored, and walking to the gym to
sit on an exercise bike never seemed worth it.

When I moved to Santa Fe with my wife Caitlin, we decided to try something
new, and joined CrossFit Santa Fe. I knew that I needed accountability to
be successful working out, and so after our introductory lesson, we decided
that we would go for the whole life challenge.

Really thinking about my diet and what I was eating, recording points, and
working out every day gave me a clean break from my bad habits in New York.
I feel better than I have in years, I’ve dropped 35 pounds and 3 notches on
my belt. I’ve gotten stronger, up to 20kg on kettlebell swings from
starting at 10kg.

I’d advise everyone to give it a try. You’ll learn something, or at the
very least, next time you decide to eat something really decadent, you’ll
enjoy it way more.


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