Look Better Naked Day and the WLC workout is here!

Want to look better naked for Valentine’s Day or know someone that does? CrossFit Santa Fe is offering two free CrossFit classes (9am & 6pm) on Wednesday, February 13th, to any and all non-members. Call your friends, come try it out, and look better naked for your Valentine!


Next, EVERYONE has been asking what the workout is going to be for the Whole Life Challenge. Well, without further adieu, I give to you the workout for the Whole Life Challenge: Spring Throwdown 2013:

In 11 minutes complete:
800m run
50 sit ups
75 squats
100 push ups
and as many burpees as you can for the remainder of the time

But first:

For time with partner
150 walking lunges – Non lunge partner holds squat
100 KB swings – Non swinger holds plank 24/16
75 push ups – non push up partner hols plate overhead locked out 45/25
Alternate as necessary.

Mobility WOD