Competition day and Whole Life Challenge prelims makeups

Monday,  February 18th

First of all, we want to acknowledge all of you that signed up for the Whole Life Challenge and thank those of you that were able to make it on Saturday!  It was a blast and it was because of all and how many attended! I hope you all rang in your workout scores and measurements , as well as your points for the day(water, nutrition, workout, mobilization, supplement ). If you were not able to, due to a glitch in the system, aim sure that they know about it and will remedy the situation as well as redeem your points.

As far as the makeups go, they are scheduled for tomorrow Monday at 8am, and Tuesday at 3pm and 7:30pm. It’s a great workout- so come get it done!

Oh yeah! And the really good news is that they extended the sign up deadline until this Friday, February 22nd, so if any of you or your friends and family still want to sign up- pull the trigger.

This is how it’s done at CrossFit Santa Fe

A.) 5/5/5 back squat
B.) hybridbaseline
4 sections all for time:
In 6 minutes, complete
1000 Mtr row
-rest one minute
In 6 minutes complete
15 deads 225/135
15 hspu
Rest one minute
In 6 minutes complete
1 rd Bear Complex 135/95
Rest 1 min
800m run for time

Mobility WOD