Training Day… sans Denzel

If you’ve been here this week, you’ve heard us talk about way the programming of the workouts is going to be from now on in preparation for the CrossFit Open (Precursor to the Games, open invitation to everybody in the world who wants to participate in competition style workouts and potentially make it to the CrossFit Games.) . Wednesday was competition day (goal is unbroken and fast), Thursday was mental toughness day (long, arduous workouts, focusing on staying consistently moving) and Friday is training day (heavy focus on working of form).
LET THE GAMES BEGIN!…. in a little over a month….
A. Front Squat 5-5-5
With a set of max effort sets of handstand push ups
In between each set of squats (3x)
B. 5 rds, each for time, on the 4:00
200 Mtr run
10 thruster @50% of front squat used

Mobility WOD