Training Day for Hump Day

Excellent work to everyone who came in for today’s Competition Day and rocked ‘Jackie’! In case you were wondering who made it to the leader board, the 5 fastest RX’d times were:
Steve Lovato – 8:13
Mejed Hamdouni – 8:26
Dario Jimenez – 8:27
Joe McGuigan – 8:39
Kevin Yarritu – 9:56
Crow Rising – 10:07
Ivonne Lobo – 10:36
Dani Halton – 11:07
Jen Montano – 12:08
Shelley Hilliard – 13:30
A. Power snatch drill
Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes
1 squat snatch
1 hang squat snatch- below knee 
1 hang squat snatch- from pockets
-goal is Max weight
*athletes can progress weight between rds, but must control the bar for all three reps
B. 3x max strict muscle ups
-sub 2 max rep sets of pull-ups and dips…aim for 7-10 reps
C. 4 rounds 
12 Russian Kettlebell swings
4 Muscle ups
rest one minute between rounds
*Scale is 4 strict pull-ups and dips

Mobility WOD