Competition Day and what this new training is all about….


1000 m Row

50 Thrusters (45/35)

30 Pull-Ups

Some of you may have noticed a new training program that began last week. We are titling days “Training Day” “Competition Day” and “Mental Toughness Day” based on the types of workouts that have been programmed. Why are doing this and what do these titles mean….?

We are doing this for a few reasons. One reason is to help us relate our workouts here at CrossFit Santa Fe to the larger CrossFit community around the world. In a little over a month the CrossFit Games Open will begin, a worldwide online community of crossfitters will begin doing workouts together, posting their scores and seeing how they measure up. Whether or not you have desire to compete in the Games isn’t important. What is important is seeing what it takes to compete, seeing what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. The important thing to realize our connection to others outside of our box, outside of state and even country. The sense of community you now feel at CrossFit Santa Fe will expand and unfold in a monumental way. Another reason for this type of programming is so that we are able to evoke specific adaptations which help to develop us more efficiently. It will bring a sense of reason to the rhyme. As the weeks go on we hope you able to see even more results in your workouts because you know why you are doing what you are doing.

So let’s break it down. 

Training Days: These days we put an emphasis on GROWTH. This is a day to develop our skills, improving our technique. Creating the habit of being excellent in our movements. This is a day to scale back on weight perhaps, a day to put form and technique over everything else. When technique is drilled and focused upon we become more efficient in our movements and therefore stronger and faster in the long run.

Competition Days: This is the day to BRING IT! This is the day to give it everything you’ve got and go hard. Speed is of the essence, and where you will see your training days pay off.

Mental Toughness Day: These days are gonna be long and hard. These days we don’t look at the clock we look inside. What are we made of? Can we keep our composure? Can we stay consistent? Can we stay connected? We focus on our breath and use our breath stay in the game and to get us through. Mental toughness days will help us on competition days as well.

So that’s that. We will be talking about this in class as well. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow. Don’t forget to sign up for the Whole Life Challenge as well, if you haven’t already! love,crow


Mobility WOD