Since tomorrow’s weather is going to be not quite as awesome as it was for the prelims and we want to do everything we can to make this event pleasurable and fun for you (as pleasurable and fun as anything involving burpees can be, that is), we have decided to change the location of the finals.

The measurements will be done at the gym from 10-11am. (Meaning be there BY 10am.)
We are then going to go to Fort Marcy recreation center so that we can do the workout indoors.

To reiterate: be at Undisputed Fitness by 10am for the measurements. We then need to be at Fort Marcy by 11am to do the workout.

Yay for not doing burpees in the cold and on wet grass! :)

See all of you beautiful people tomorrow morning!

OH! And one more thing! WLC after party to be held at 6pm at the Cowgirl. (Who’s ready for nachos???)

Mobility WOD