The Whole Life Challenge Finals are THIS Saturday!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Well guys, the day that you have been waiting for is almost here!!! The final day, workout, celebration of the WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE IS HERE!!! This Saturday at the Alto Street Park we will take our measurements and tackle the same workout we did two months ago, but it will be different, because we are different. We have all had breakthroughs, big or small. Whether your breakthrough is being more conscientious about reading labels and paying attention to ingredients, building a routine around ringing your scores every day, running without hating it, sleeping, noticing that fish oil every day makes your joints feel better, noticing the importance of mobility or any number of other possible epiphanies… I would bet my dog on the fact that each one of you will take something (big or small) away from this experience. For me, it is all of the things that I mentioned above and so much more. I am forever changed and I love knowing what I know.

For those of you that did not participate in this Whole Life Challenge, never fear, there will be more opportunities to participate in this life changing, game raising challenge. Stay tuned for more information…AND come cheer on your TRIBE!!!!!

We are meeting at Alto Street Park at 10am for measurements. Participants- please be on time! If you are coming to cheer, shoot for 11am, we should be getting into the fun stuff by then!!!



21/15/9 ….3rds for time
Walking lunges with dumbells
Push ups off dumbbells

Mobility WOD