Body Weight Challenge- November 19th – January

[v. in-vurt; adj., n. in-vurt]
– verb (used with object)
to turn upside down.
to reverse in position, order, direction, or relationship.
to turn or change to the opposite or contrary, as in nature, bearing, or effect: to invert a process.
to turn inward or back upon itself.
to turn inside out.


           In an effort to keep us all engaged and challenged throughout the holidays and working towards a common goal,  we are implementing a free bodyweight challenge. This year’s body weight challenge is an inverted challenge. This is a strength challenge as well as a skill building challenge…and we are hoping that you will have a little bit of fun with this. Many of us struggle with our handstands and would like to be able to do free standing handstand holds or to walk on our hands. This challenge is designed to improve your ability, balance and strength in regards to handstands. Since not everyone can kick up to a handstand there are several scales that will work towards a progressive handstand skill.

The scales/ skills/ levels  are:

White- piked hold against the wall
Yellow- handstand hold against the wall
Green- handstand  hold shrugs  (1 shrug= 1 second)
Brown- handstand shoulder taps ( 2 taps= 1 second)
Black- one armed handstand hold
Beyond Black- any of these skills freestanding ( no wall assistance)

The fun thing about this challenge is that you can switch skills everyday… One day you can work on your one armed Handstand and the next day you can work on your Free Standing Handstand.

How the challenge works:
Day 1 = 5 seconds
Day 2 = 10 seconds
Day 3 = 15 seconds, etc…
Through the 60th day with an accrued total of 5 minutes of upside down time!!! 

Can you imagine how much better we will all be at handstands at the end of this challenge???!!! In addition to that, handstands are a great way to warm up and strengthen the shoulder girdle. Working on balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, accuracy and strength.

Not to mention, Yogi’s have extolled the benefits of being upside down for centuries. Whenever I go upside down, I like to think that I am nourishing my brain in a way that is making me smarter. Not to mention, there is a playfulness about being upside down that reminds me of being a kid.

Being inverted reverses the action of gravity on the body. Where normally everything is pulled towards the feet, when we invert we switch the gravitational pull so that everything is pulled towards the head.
~ Regularly inverting your body can positively affect the body’s Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, Nervous and Endocrine systems…..

If you would like to learn more, Here is a link to an interesting article about Inverted poses and the benefits, thereof:

Who’s in? Let’s have fun with this!!!!
Keep your eyes peeled fro an upcoming Handstand workshop by none other than The Kate Russel during the challenge!!!

Heather McKearnan

Kate Russel is very good at being Upside Down!!!! Like crazy good!


20 Minute Amrap:

5 Burpees

10 Medball Cleans

15 Wall Balls (20/14)

Mobility WOD