Athletes, we’ve all been hearing about it and now it’s finally here…. the Swimming WOD!

Swim WOD

Sunday, November 18th at Salvador Perez Pool, 12:30pm-1:30pm

 This date comes the week after our Whole Life Challenge Finals, so this could be a great opportunity for those of you trying to stay on the Healthy road, and why wouldn’t you? You’ve already come this far right?! Keep what you’ve earned!  We are less likely to stay mobile during these late months, due to the fact that it is getting MUY FRIO (Brrrrrr)! So better to be indoors, hence SWIM! Still not convinced? How about the fact that swimming offers some awesome benefits that could make you a stronger, faster, more efficient athlete; like the fact that it gives you a full body workout (you are essentially working every muscle group in your body at once), Offers you a great cardiovascular exercise (more lung capacity anyone?), and it reduces stress to your joints (and life in general!!!). BAM!t…And don’t worry about being and expert swimmer, This will definitely be a beginner/intermediate class, so as long as you can stay afloat, you’re in! WheeeeeeeW!!!!!

Lastly, Athletes I must remind you that the Swim WOD is not part of your membership. Sign up is done during class as we are asking  $5 from each participant to help cover the facilities fees for the time requested. Please ask your coach about the Swim WOD and they will shell out the full details.This is gonna be a hell of a lot of fun!!!

Do keep in mind, if there is a good turn out on the 18th, perhaps this will open up some doors allowing us to host future Swim WODs.

Note: that you can not show up the day of without prior sign up or notice.



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