…and life resumes with 5 rounds of awesomeness for time!!!

Words can not express how proud of and inspired by each and every person that participated in the WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE!!!! We all feel that it was an enormous success both for us as individuals and as an entire gym!!!

And the winners are ( EVERYONE IS A WINNER!!!) :

1st place women’s: Caitlin Smith
2nd place women’s : Crystal Richards
3rd place women’s: Mariela Rodriguez

1st place men’s: Brian Smith
2nd place men’s: Ian MacGillivray
3rd place men’s: Michael Bergt

Spirit of the challenge: Joe Romero

1st place friends and family:
Larry Fodor
Sandra Dorsey

I came in 13th!!!!!
Heather Mckearnan


5rds for time
10 O/H squat (75/55)
20 Abmat situps
30 Double unders

Mobility WOD