Dead Lift PR???

Strength days are my fave and today we are going to see if our Personal Record (or one rep max) for Dead LIfts has increased. I believe that chances are good. For those of you in the WLC, I am banking on it. I, for one, am feeling decidedly stronger. It may be the Bullet Proof Coffee that I have been drinking (which makes me feel smarter, more energetic, less hungry and down right HAPPY!!!! Check out )or it may be the 10 minutes a day of mobility, 10 minutes a day of workout, fish oil everyday and my no crap diet…. I FEEL UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!! INVINCIBLE!!!! AMAZING!!!!!! What about you??? (post to comments, please)

I love PR days because athletes get to surprise themselves by how much better there form is, how strong they are getting and the ease with which they can now put up weight that they would not have even dreamed that they could have lifted a couple of months ago. These days are always super exciting and we as coaches get to share in the many small and large victories of our students. These are the most rewarding days for me and I am so excited for tomorrrow!!!!! That being said…..


Dead Lift PR – 5,3,2,2,1,1,1…  (take note of the … keep going until you can’t get it off the floor and then go back to your last successful lift. I believe that it is important to end the day on a successful note.)


5 Burpees

10 Bird Pickers

15 Jumping Lunges

X 3 Rounds for time!!!!


Mobility WOD