Crystal Richards- Athlete Profile!!!!


Many of you have had the pleasure of meeting and working out with Crystal Richards. She is a bright and shiny light in any class that she attends. Crystal has an amazing story that some of you may know but I wanted to give you all an opportunity to get to know her a little better. She is an inspiration and I feel so privileged to know her. Crystal’s story is a remarkable one and it is one of the many reason’s that I feel so blessed to be a part of the staff at Undisputed Fitness.

Athlete Profile: Crystal Richards

Age: 31

Started: March 13, 2012

How did you find out or hear about CrossFit? I remember Tait and Crow stopping by Counter Culture Cafe {where I work} and thinking – those are a couple of BadAsses. I was slugging away at the gym with very slow progress, but I didn’t think Undisputed Fitness was the place for me. It wasn’t until 2 years later that I actually got the nerve to
walk in the door. Now it’s like a second home.

What types of results have you seen since starting CrossFit? I have been working on my fitness goals for over 5 years. My progress had been similar to that of the tortoise – slow and steady -which was fine for a while. Since joining CrossFit I have taken 39 inches off my body and finally met my goal of losing 100 pounds!! I am faster and stronger, but the best surprise is feeling more competent in ALL areas of my life.
What is your exercise routine? I am participating in the Whole Life Challenge right now so I have really stepped up my routine. Up until two weeks ago I was doing CrossFit 3 times/week. Currently I am participating in CrossFit classes 4/week and a minimum of 10 minutes of activity on the remaining 3 days.
Do you have a diet plan and if so what is it? At the beginning of the year I went from a vegetarian diet to vegan. This means that I do not eat any animals or products from them (including BUTTER, milk, eggs, and cheese). The Whole Life Challenge has allowed me to further clean up my diet by eliminating sugar and wheat, soy, oats, other grains and corn. Some people may consider this to be extreme, but my family history includes every chronic disease imaginable and the health benefits for me have been undeniable in addition to theethical and environmental impacts.
What is your favorite thing about CrossFit? I love walking in nervous and walking out feeling like a warrior! Additionally, I truly appreciate the atmosphere promoted by CrossFit – do your best and encourage everyone else to do so also! I often tell people “if the world operated like CrossFit we would be living happier lives”.
What is your favorite WOD or exercise and why? I had never tried kettle bells before CrossFit and I found out I Love them!

1.    front squat 55#

2.    back squat 120#

3.    clean and jerk 85#

Helen: The first time I did Helen back in April it took me 23:10, for the Helen Challenge finals it took me 17:21, no where near the fastest, but exciting to make such an improvement for myself.

1,000 meter row; 5:07

I recently had the pleasure of accompanying Crystal on a 200 meter walk ( she called it a funeral procession for the weight she had lost) carrying 100 LBs on her back and in her hands around our parking lot. I sort of interviewed her along the way and I was so moved by her story. Crystal is a tenacious and unstoppable woman. She wanted to walk around the parking lot carrying ,externally, the weight that she had lost as a way to remember what it felt like to be that much heavier than she is now and as a sort of farewell to the old her. We both cried the whole way. It was tremendously moving. I found out later that I had done the KG -> LB conversion wrong and that Crystal was carrying closer to 120 LBs. Perhaps, some of her tears were due to her coaches flawed math skills….

Heather McKearnan

Wednesday’s Workout:

Ten rounds of
30 sec Extended ring row hold
15 sec transition
30 sex Plank – right elbow/left leg
15 sec transition
30 sec Cobra hold
15 sec transition
30 sec Plank – left elbow/right leg

Mobility WOD