BOXTOBERFEST is coming and Overhead Squat PRs

 Wow!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be home amongst my tribe. Especially on a PR day!!! They are just the most inspiring thing ever. Every one did amazingly well today and there were some significant and notable PRs today. Each one of you deserves acknowledgment however I can only mention a few that happened in my classes…

Todd Davis prd his Overhead Squat today at 70 lbs…it was maybe a month ago that Todd was limited to a PVC pipe because of his lack of shoulder  mobility— can you say WLC BABY!!!! I think many of you could concur that the mobility piece of the WLC has beeninvaluable to increasing performance, PRS and general well being.

I, myself, PRd my.overhead Squat with 115 lbs today and it felt amazing as I have not lifted heavy in quitE a while and I believe that 10 minutes of mobility a day has really helped me feel good lifting again. YAY!!!

Phil Madrid pr’d at an impressive 150! He was stoked as he has struggled with this lift in the past.

Darlene Vigil pr’d at 50! Another amazing accomplishment from a extremely strong woman limited by shoulder mobility.

Joe McGuigan had the heaviest lift of the day with whopping 235 lbs!!! Holy Smokes!!!!! That is going to come in handy as he competes with his team of Jenna Rios, Megan Dorsey and Kevin Yarritu…GO SUPPORT YOUR TEAMMATES AT BOXTOBERFEST IN ABQ THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!!!!


Buy In: 5 min max double unders with 3 Burpees at every break!!! (sub single unders for scale but 5 burpees for singles)
Complete 3 rounds for time:
7 x 1 One Arm DB Power Snatch + 1 One DB Thruster (Right)
7 x 1 One Arm DB Power Snatch + 1 One DB Thruster (Left)
14 Push-ups
*Complete 7 reps of a single arm DB power snatch to single arm thruster. A single rep constitutes 1 single arm DB power snatch & single arm DB thruster. Complete 7 reps for the right and left, then complete 14 Push ups. Repeat 2 more t


The second annual boxtoberfest Throwdown is coming. This team-based competition will host several WODs over two days with three different athlete divisions. The competition will be at Albuquerque Academy, an amazing venue with many opportunities for tough WODs. Check out all the details here and stay tuned for registration details.

Mobility WOD