An awesome testimonial from an awesome athlete!

Note from Nate:
This was supposed to be posted last night and I totally spaced it. Completely my fault and I’m extremely sorry! So today’s blog is a twofer!

Barbell Complex

Complete 5 reps of each exercise in succession without letting go of the bar. Rest 1 minute between each round.

5 rounds:
5 Deadlifts (135/95)
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Push Presses
5 Front Squats

Heather asked me to blog about how crossfit has helped me.  I’ve been a regular at Undisputed for about 15 months.  I love it.  I know for sure that I would not have succeeded in recent triathlons if it weren’t for crossfit training.

This past July, I signed up for the Santa Fe sprint or mini triathlon.  A sprint triathlon is typically a 5K run, roughly 12 mile bike ride and 400 m swim.  I’ve always been a strong swimmer thanks to my dear mom; she would drop my sisters and me at the pool after school and we’d swim laps for an hour while she got groceries, went to the bank, and power-napped.  I began long distance running when I lived in Portland and have completed several half marathons.  And this spring my husband and I purchased road bikes.  I felt I could handle a sprint triathlon because I enjoy endurance races and figured all the crossfit would help.

After I signed up, I learned that I could compete in a separate women’s “Athena” category.  The requirements are that you weigh over 150 lbs and you shout “ATHENA!” when you cross the finish line.  Actually, that last part isn’t true…

I don’t have a issue admitting that I’m over 150 lbs.  I was excited that I could compete against women my height and weight rather than those that weigh significantly less than me.  So I trained a bit and finished first overall (out of 5) in the Athena category (despite a 2 minute penalty for hanging out in the passing lane for too long!).

A few weeks later I placed 2nd overall (out of 22) in the Athena category at the Live, Love, Tri all women’s triathlon in Rio Rancho.  And then again placed 2nd (out of 6) in my age group (no Athena category) at the Las Campanas Compadres Triathlon.  Oh-la-la! Fun!

I have a two new hobbies: crossfitting and triathlons. I like how the workouts for each compliment each other nicely.  It’s really fun to be competitive.  I’m setting a goal to do an Olympic distance triathlon next summer. The daily coaching and seeing fellow crossfitters rock the WODs really encourage me to be more fit and competitive.   

Another way crossfit has helped me…I’m a dentist and I spend 5 days a week often working in awkward positions that are far from ergonomic.  Back, neck, and shoulder injuries and extremely common in my profession.  Since I started crossfitting I have not had back, shoulder, or neck pain.  I feel much stronger in my core and upper body because of the coaching, guidance and of course all those killer WODs.  This is a tremendous benefit of crossfit.

I’ve also learned a great deal about seeing potential in others since I started crossfit.  Recently I hired a new employee after a nice working interview.  Shortly after she started, I discovered she was having great difficulty with proper grammar and spelling in the chart notes.  

I sat down with her and explained it was a problem because I needed her to write properly to do her job.  She apologized profusely and felt terrible; she was even a little tearful.  She explained how growing up speaking, reading, and writing both English and Spanish was difficult. I’m sure that’s true.

But with a crossfit-let’s-get-it-done-yes-you-can-attitude gave her permission to stay late and work on her charting, spelling and writing skills. I taught her to, well, modify by using the spell checker.  I asked her to be sure she corrected her mistakes before I reviewed the notes. She kept apologizing.  I said rather matter-of-fact, “I know you can do it.”Only few weeks passed, and she demonstrated consistently that she actually can write in English! I told her she was doing really well; I was super impressed  She thanked me, “thank you, Doctor” (how sweet, I tell her to call me Kristine but she refuses) and said that all the other dentists she worked for made her feel stupid and nervous.  She was excited to be in an environment where she was encouraged and coached to be better. I think this is what is exciting about crossfit: My ability to see potential in others.

To summarize a few things I’ve learned from ya’all:  Be tolerant of other’s abilities and skill levels. Look for resources and ask for guidance. Be generous with encouragement. Nurture self-awareness and perseverance.  Have courage. Be better and help others.  Hey, crossfit coaches and athletes do this every day!  Geesh, you guys are awesome – thanks, everyone!


Skill: Turkish get up

10 total- increasing weight if possible each time you complete one on each arm

22 minutes-

6 pull ups
12 goblet squats
16 figure 8 to hold
400 meter run

Mobility WOD