If you know me at all, you know that I am moved to tears regularly but not without just cause. Today was one of those occasions. We held the preliminary challenge for our local World Wide Whole Life Challenge and I was utterly touched and inspired by the participation both in numbers and in enthusiasm. We had 92 people sign up to participate in Undisputed’s WLC!!!!!! 23 or so of these folks are friends and family.  42 people showed up to do the preliminary WOD with us today at Alto Street Park. It was a blast!!!! I, for one, found the WOD super challenging but was made considerably easier by the cheers of my fellow athletes!

Every one kicked ass today on the prelims! It will be amazing to see the finals after 57 days of eating clean, training hard, taking fish oil and mobilizing- EVERY DAY!!!! Did you read what the weekly challenge is yet? It is a good one and I am excited to get started!!!! Let’s as a community commit to be really active in the Forums!!! I started reading some of the posts today and they are super informative!!!!


The WLC Blog

Use or be Used

Posted Sep 14

The Whole Life Challenge is a tool. A lot like a hammer. When there is a nail to be driven, you grab your hammer and hit the nail — you don’t hit yourself in the head with the hammer! You USE the hammer for the job it’s designed to do.

Right now things are the way they are for you. Not bad, but maybe there are some things you are tired of feeling, doing or saying to yourself. That is your nail. The Whole Life Challenge is your hammer.

My question to you is, are you going to use the Challenge or be used by it?

If you are going to play this game as training for your life after the challenge is over, you are using the challenge.

If you are going to play it only to win, you are going to be used by it.

If you are going to embrace the ups and downs as opportunities to learn how to make things work, you are using the challenge.

If you are going to fight against the rules like they are standing in the way of your points, you are going to be used by it.

If you are going to make choices as a way to see how a long term commitment to health works in your whole life you are using the challenge.

If you are going to try to be perfect for 8 weeks in spite of nothing else working for you, you are going to be used by it.

This is not 8 weeks. This is your life. If you want to win, great. But look to see what real winning looks like for you before this starts. Does it look like 8 punishing weeks and “business as usual” after September 15th or does it look like building a sustainable practice of health where you are 100% in charge of your results?

Yes, the Whole Life Challenge “winners” get prizes. But everyone who takes this challenge on 100% will walk away with something far more powerful than any external reward.

You walk away with freedom. You walk away with choice. You walk away with your whole life.

What the Whole Life Challenge is

Posted Aug 15

The Whole Life Challenge began with the notion that regular training for your lifestyle in the world is as valuable as regular training for your body in the gym. It grew into a game in which your world is the field, your choices are the movements, and your life is the prize. 

The Whole Life Challenge is not something you win in the way you are used to winning something. The Whole Life Challenge is not a competition like any you’ve ever taken part in. This is not the Olympics. The goal is not to be perfect. The goal is to be honest and create from there. You won’t best the other players or beat the competition. Make no mistake, however, this is a game and you can win.

The Whole Life Challenge is a brand new way of looking at your life. Your whole life. How does it work? Where are your opportunities? What does a life lived inside of a commitment to real, long term, sustainable, practical health, fitness, and overall well-being look like? It certainly isn’t about beating your brains out in the gym day after day. It can’t be about a restrictive, ascetic dietary regimen. And it definitely isn’t living like your health is a problem to solve and your life is something to fix.

The Whole Life Challenge is an extraordinary tool. For building. It doesn’t fix anything — it only builds new things. What do you want your life to look like? What excites you, enlivens you? This challenge will have you living a life where you can have it all. You want vibrant health and you want to enjoy all of the exciting things the world offers — work that rewards and play that rewards. When this is over, your work will be integrated with your play. They will cause and support each other, they will no longer sabotage each other.

Play this game like you want to know, not like you already know. Be great — Own your perfect days and your breakdown days. Be clear about what works and what doesn’t work. See where you can make a difference that lasts longer than the 8 weeks of the challenge. Do that, and you will transform your life more than you imagine. You can have it all. This is where it starts.

Welcome to the Whole Life Challenge — What will you build with it?

My last note is about the 23 or so of you that were not at the park that have registered for the WLC. We will be emailing you on Monday with a couple of possibilities of make up times. We would like to have as many of you as possible be able to make as few of these make up times as possible. If there are times or days that you absolutely can not make in order to make up the preliminary WOD and measurements: please let us know via email @

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