Crazy eights….

Well, we are coming up on successfully completing 2 weeks of the WLC … How is everybody doing? Let’s share tips and advice and funny stories and recipes… How can we best support you? How and where should we create a discussion forum  to be the most accessible, the most interactive and the most fun? Ideas?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m absolutely loving the WLC. I’m finding it actually fun to ask waiters what the food is cooked in and taking the extra step to fully aware of what I’m putting into my body. Not to mention all the money I’m saving by eating at home more. And the results are undeniable. I can feel my athleticism getting better every day and I’m having steady energy all throughout the day. I’m feeling better than I think I ever have. Crazy, right? Being super conscious about your well being will produce more positive results. Whoda thunk?

My recipe for my chorizo, broccoli and green chili scramble:

Start by melting some butter (Grassfed, organic, REAL butter. Duh.) in a sauce pan and throw in your desired amount of chopped broccoli. Saute broccoli for a few minutes.
Add in Mulay’s brand chorizo sausage and fresh, chopped green chili. (You can buy it at the La Montanita Co-op. GREAT product consisting of lean pork meat and spices. No junk. Tastes amazing.) I like to put in half the package but I have a bigger appetite than most. Fortunately, this recipe is not one that necessitates precision!
After making sure the chorizo is fully cooked, add in 4 scrambled eggs. (Again, this is a Nate sized portioned. Feeds about 2-4 normal people.)
Once eggs are about half way cooked, I like to add salt and pepper.
If you’re setting a table for family breakfast/dinner remember, if the eggs are cooked on the stove, they’re going to be over cooked on the table! If you’re like, you don’t have to worry about that because spend, roughly, 23 seconds on the plate before being devoured.



25 minute AMRAP-
8 Renegade rows
8 Side plank Pushup
8 V twists
8 Bird pickers
8 Hollow rocks
400 meter run

Great minds think alike at Undisputed Fitness!!!!

Mobility WOD